Study, Perform and Conquer

What we do at South Texas Securities Co. ?

We represent local and international investors who are victims of fraud by the Securities Brokerage houses or individuals in the financial industry. Our motto at South Texas Securities Co. is Study, Perform and Conquer.


We treat our clients and our litigations with utmost seriousness. We ensure our clients get the best of the best legal solutions they deserve. We always put our best foot forward with no compromise on quality. The foundation of all our cases is in its initial stage where we do our comprehensive study and research on the case at hand. We have extensive experience in our team to do quality study & research.


The next phase after our thorough study is the phase of planning and execution. We collect evidence and facts, weigh in all available options for the best possible plan of action and represent our client in any legal forums across the world. We have strong expertise and experience in legal jurisdictions across the globe.


We believe in justice for all. Our ultimate objective is to ensure our clients get justice. We have won cases in the courts or have succeeded in out-of-court settlements. We always keep the best interest of our clients in our actions. Our success rate speaks for itself. Our victories across U.S. local courts and other international courts are a hallmark of our hard work and expertise in the laws of the land.

South Texas Securities Co. is primarily located in Houston, Texas, USA. But we have a global presence and have represented investors across the world. We encourage you to call us wherever you may be located in this world and give us an opportunity to showcase our class and quality to help you resolve your legal problems. You may have just done the right thing in leaving your legal issues to us.