" In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same." - Albert Einstein

Cyber Investigations

Organized crime group’s use of the Internet and technology has become increasingly prevalent and some of the more advanced online fraudsters have taken advantage of legal loopholes, weaknesses in the ability to enforce international law and limitations of jurisdiction.

Using technology allows cybercriminals to function with a high degree of anonymity in various jurisdictions. This decreases the likelihood of being caught and prosecuted. We at South Texas Securities Co. with our legal expertise and experience first ascertain the accurate legal jurisdiction of online crime. In such cyber crimes, our tried and tested investigative systems lead to greater and effective prosecution.

We have in our team the industry-leading IT experts, analysts, researchers and legal experts who could enable cross-border crime syndicates to be uncovered and dismantled. We have a group of extremely oriented agents who are constantly alert to cybercrime incidents. South Texas Securities Co. has provided law enforcing agencies across the globe with actionable intelligence and evidence leading to many raids, seizures, and arrests. This would not be possible without our invaluable relationships with numerous legal entities present locally and internationally.

With the advent of technology, cyber crimes are on the rise and they happen more discreetly. Online fraudsters use the internet to steal data, falsify documents, false advertising and promote fraudulent investment schemes. Naive investors and internet users are the targets of such online fraudsters. Tracking down online fraudsters is difficult because of various factors such as law enforcement being jurisdictional and the restricted flow of information among the agencies. It is therefore almost impossible to use traditional techniques to nail down the online fraudsters. We at South Texas Securities Co. do not depend on the traditional techniques to handle such cases.

We are successful because of our

  • Strong technical expertise and our experience in dealing with such cyber crimes
  • Strong physical presence across most of the states
  • Strong relationships with law enforcing agencies
  • Use of high-end technologies and internet tools
  • Working tightly with cyber intelligence experts and local law enforcement agencies