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Unauthorized Trading

Unauthorized Trading means, buying or selling of the securities by the brokers without the prior consent of the investor. Unauthorized trading is a serious crime and NYSE Rule 408(a) and FINRA Rules 2510(b) and 2020 explicitly prohibit brokers from making discretionary trades under the investor’s non-discretionary account. In addition, FINRA Rule 4512 imposes a number of record-keeping demands on brokers, one of which is to maintain a list of individuals authorized to conduct discretionary account trades.

Financial experts need to be conscious of and comply with the desires of their customers. The laws dealing with unauthorized trading may vary from state to state in the USA. Leave it to legal experts like us to handle your case on unauthorized trading and we shall take care of it professionally and factually.

If you or any of your friends feel that you may have been a victim of such unauthorized trading then we are here to analyze, investigate and help you determine if you actually have a case and also propose to you the best possible plan of action. We've reviewed thousands of accounts and investments and can assist and answer your questions. Please feel free to reach out to us with your details.